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Healthy Dinner Ideas for Kids

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When my kids were small, they are anything so I had a million healthy dinner ideas for kids! As they got older, the universe laughed at me and I had to admit that my kids were picky eaters.

The kids will still eat most of what I cook, but I had to get creative. We eat dairy free recipes now so no shredded cheese, including grilled cheese sandwiches (where I could hide anything!).

For the most part, I can come up with delicious recipes based on what we have on hand. But every once in a while we just want to eat something special! Below, I’ve listed 15 Clean eating dinner ideas for kids that they will actually enjoy. Skip the frozen pizza and give these delicious dinner recipes a try.

three pictures - one of ribs, one of tacos and one with quesadillas

Slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes make for easy dinner ideas, so there are a good mix of them in this post. We’ve also included make ahead recipes.

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With so many options, you are sure to find a handful that your family will love!

15 Kid Friendly Clean Eating Recipes

Dinner Ideas for Kids

Family Meals

These delicious kid friendly dinner ideas will become a staple in your house! Pair them with a couple of sides and you've got a dinner that even picky eaters will enjoy.

Dairy Free Pasta Dishes

These dairy free pasta recipes use creative ways of cutting out the cheese to make dishes that kids love. There are a few vegan pasta recipes sprinkled in but feel free to add meat if you are not vegan.

Finger Foods 

Finger foods are a staple for kids so we are giving it its own section! Don't worry, these can all be eaten with utensils too!

Instant Pot Recipes and Slow Cooker Recipes

Instant pot recipes and slow cooker recipes are perfect for busy nights. Set it in the morning and have dinner waiting when you get home. They also tend to make a lot so you can have leftovers for lunch!

Healthy Side Dishes

Here are a several side dishes if you want to add something extra!


Try out these dishes and let me know which is your favorite!!

Looking for more kid friendly dinner ideas? Try these!

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