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45+ Christmas Desserts – All Dairy Free but Delicious

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Holiday baking season is here! I asked bloggers for their favorite dairy free Christmas desserts and they delivered!

a picture with three pictures, one with truffles, one with star cookies and one with a mint patty

There is a little bit of everything from easy holiday desserts to gingerbread cookies and no bake desserts, you’ll find something you love.

When it comes to dairy free desserts, we are often limited to candy canes, fresh fruit, peanut butter and colorful sprinkles. This list will give you some different options so you and your guests don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. Take a look and let me know what you try!

If you need more ideas, here is the link to all of my holiday deserts: Dairy Free Desserts

Christmas Desserts

Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a must have this time of year! Here is a list of amazing cookies that should be on your list this holiday season.

Christmas Fudge and Chocolate Bark

There is something about winter than makes fudge and chocolate bark irresistible. Maybe it's because it is so cold that it won't melt in your hands! Here are some delicious Christmas fudge and bark recipes to try. Add some crushed candy canes and festive sprinkles to add even more excitement!

Festive Energy Balls

Energy balls may not be the typical party dessert, but they are the perfect grab and go Christmas dessert. They also make the perfect filler for cookie platters. Keep these on hand for yourself too.They're great to curb the cravings for sugar cookies!

Chocolate Desserts

There were so many delicious chocolate desserts that didn't fit in the categories above. They are so amazing that they deserved their own category! Which one will you try?

Other Amazing Christmas Treats

Toffee, Truffles and more! These delicious Christmas desserts are going to make your guests (and yourself - who are we kidding) very, very happy!

Drink Recipes That Are Perfect Complements To Christmas Desserts

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