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6 Healthy Family Food Choices at Disneyland and California Adventure

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6 Healthy Family Food Choices at Disneyland and California Adventure

This summer, our family spent 3 glorious days in Disneyland and California Adventure! It was hot and sunny, just the way we like it. And it was a fabulous change from the Seattle summer we have been having.

We went to Disneyland last year so we had an idea of what to expect as far as keeping cool and hydrated. Disneyland does allow you to bring in food and water, but we did so much walking that I didn’t want to carry everything around. Instead, I packed Organic Fruit Strips, Cheddar Ducks and Skinny Pop (popcorn) and we purchased water and snacks at Disneyland. I also took a few bananas from the hotel which we ate on the walk to the Park.

The top 2 things on our list were the Summer of Heroes and Cars Land in California Adventure. if you are familiar with Disneyland, you know that the lines are ridiculous. We were in line over 1 hour while waiting for Captain America. Totally worth it, but still a long time in the sun.

Since our days were long, I wanted to make sure we found some healthy food options. There is sugar EVERYTWHERE and we did indulge once or twice (or three or four) times. But I did our best to find nutritious meals when we ate lunch or dinner. This is what we found:

Healthy Option #1: Red Rose Tavern, Fantasyland

We ended up spending about a day and a half at Disneyland. My niece had an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi boutique in Fantasyland so we ended up eating lunch at the Red Rose Tavern. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offered a couple of kid lunches that were fairly healthy. My kids tried the Kid’s Mickey Meal – Power Pack for $6. It included a Dannon yogurt smoothie, Whole Wheat Goldfish, carrots, apples and a choice of milk or water. I ordered the Kid’s Turkey Sandwich for myself. It was a whole wheat pita bread (in the shape of a goldfish) with carved turkey, lettuce and tomato. It was surprisingly good and I had been snacking all day so it was enough to hold me over.

Healthy Option #2: Maurice’s Treats, Fantasyland

Right across the way from Red Rose Tavern was a stand called Maurice’s Treats. They sold frozen apple juice. I know that juice has a lot of sugar, but in the heat, we needed the calories and our warm water wasn’t cutting it! This was a nice treat and there was enough to share.

Healthy Option #3: Ice Cream Stand

After we went on the Teacups, which is the one ride I did not want to go on, we made our way towards It’s a Small World. As we were walking, the kids spotted an Ice Cream stand (of course they did!) and we ended up buying Strawberry Outshine bars. Outshine bars are made from real fruit, and though they have added sugar, they do not have High Fructose Corn Syrup. I consider it a healthier option over the Chocolate Ice Cream Bars.

Healthy Option #4: Paradise Garden Grill, Paradise Pier

We spent the second day in California Adventure and we found a food treasure in Paradise Pier! It was tucked in the back of the park by the kid rides. There was a nice, large outdoor seating area and it wasn’t very crowded. One of the food stands was called Paradise Garden Grill. I got the Greek Pita salad, but they also sold Gyro and Hummus plates.

The kids chose the PB&J Uncrustable pack. They haven’t had Uncrustables before so I was surprised when they didn’t like it. I should have ordered the turkey sliders instead. The kids meals also came with carrots and applesauce.

Healthy Option #5: Roasted Turkey Leg, Hollywood Land

I can’t believe this but I forgot to get a picture of the roasted Turkey leg! We were so excited to get it that we just started eating.

My sister in law had heard that there were turkey legs and wanted to try them. We were in Hollywood Land to see Captain America. By the time we got our picture with him, the Pixar parade was starting. As we were looking for a spot to sit and watch, we came across a stand selling HUGE roasted turkey legs for just under $11 (It was on the corner near Award Wieners). So we had to buy a couple to share. They were so lean and delicious and they were fun to eat!

Healthy Option #6: Starbucks

I know what you are thinking but in a pinch, Starbucks always comes through. We actually stated our days in California Adventure at Starbucks. They sold milk and fresh fruit for the kids, which was perfect for starting the day. They also sell salads and sandwiches. Starbucks does not add artificial ingredients and they usually offer healthy choices. The only Starbucks we found was near the entrance of California Adventure. It was a nice central location.

Wrap it up!:

Overall, Disneyland does a great job offering healthy alternatives for kids. I found that our kids were so excited that it was hard for them to sit down and eat a meal. That’s why I appreciated all the smaller snack packs. I was able to carry the extra food around in my bag and the kids snacked on it throughout the day. Also remember to pack food for yourself. I felt like I was constantly eating, but something about the heat and constant walking did that to us!

We had so much fun trying to find healthy foods. Tell us your experiences and what tips or tricks you have for eating healthy at Disneyland!

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  1. Those outshine bars look delicious, I’ve seen them at the grocery store. Did the cost of most of the food seem reasonable? That would be my biggest concern, since amusement parks have a tendency to mark stuff way up.

    • It was definitely overpriced but not outrageous. I want to say the Outshine bar was a little over $4.00. Everything else was in the $10 range. You are allowed to bring in your own food so it helps to have a little of both!


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