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7 Essential Oils to Spookify Your Halloween

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7 Essential Oils to Spookify Your Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here! The kids are excited to dress up…and there’s candy. It signifies the beginning of the holiday season which means lots of friends, family and fun! And it also means I get to share these 7 Essential Oils to Spookify your Halloween!

In Seattle, it starts to get cold at the end of October. So we keep all the windows closed. Because of this, I am even more aware of the chemicals in our home and I refuse to light candles even though I love the ambiance they provide. But never fear! Essential oils will replace the delicious scents of candles. Essential oils are an important part of a chemical free home. Many also boost the immune system and prevent illness which is perfect this time of year.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a vital part of everyday life today. From household cleaners to food recipes, they are used for a multitude of things. But one use that is often overlooked is the way they create and enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of their setting. And what better time to amplify your surroundings than Halloween?

I’ve listed seven essential oils that are budget friendly AND effective at adding to the spine-chilling effects you and your guests will love during this ghoulish time of year. Be sure to read to the end to find the recipes for two DIY Halloween oil blends.

These are just intended for fun! I do not recommend you actually try them for anything spiritual!


Steeped in spirituality, frankincense essential oil is one of a few oils that are said to heighten all things spiritual. So it is no surprise that it is listed here first. It has a woodsy and earthy scent that is slightly spicy and will warm you on those cool October nights. It also sets a great atmosphere for the chilling delights of Halloween and its otherwordly endeavors. The highly intense aroma can be used topically or diffused. Dilute with water or carrier oil.


Myrrh essential oil has a lot of spiritual connotations. But this one has a sweeter yet bitter aroma. It blends with frankincense to add more depth to an already layered scent profile and helps with meditation and clairvoyance. Also great at combating those pesky autumn allergies, this mid-strength warm oil will be a delightful aromatic addition to any haunted house.


Another ancient spiritual oil is spikenard. However, its properties are much different than frankincense or myrrh. It  alleviates anxiety and fear to help with relaxation. It is great for those scaredy-cats you might have roaming around your crypt on Halloween. Also useful with insomnia, this heavy earth scent is safe for use aromatically at all ages.


Yet another spiritual oil that is less common is benzoin essential oil. It is created from resin like frankincense and myrrh, and assists with communication, thought, and focus. All of which can be beneficial when getting in touch with the spiritual realm and its ghostly inhabitants! A highly fragrant oil, it is superb to enhance your surroundings aromatically. Dilute with water or a carrier oil.


Anise essential oil is one of those that you either love or hate. It has an intense aroma that is similar to black licorice and is a great addition to your Halloween festivities because of its seasonal fragrance. It is used to help with protection and clairvoyance. Anise essential oil provides numerous health benefits, however if taken incorrectly, could be toxic. Do not buy this oil if you have children around.


Neroli essential oil is believed to calm the spirits and relieve fear. It builds confidence and crushes anxiety. This makes it the perfect oil to use with any friends that are afraid of the skeletons in their closets! A much different scent from the others listed, its floral and citrus aroma is safe for use topically and diffused.


Copaiba balsam essential oil is the most unique on the list. It has a very low, warm, and sweet scent profile and it is safe for use topically or diffused. The scent is not overbearing, so it can be blended with any of the oils on the list to enhance their scent, properties, and effectiveness. Blend with spiritual oils to enhance their atmospheric headiness, or add to the lighter oils to wind down from a night of fright and fun.

2 Fun blends to try:


10 drops frankincense oil8 drops myrrh oil7 drops benzoin oil4 drops anise oil

Blend with water to diffuse aromatically or with your favorite carrier oil to heighten your senses!


8 drops spikenard oil12 drops neroli oil7 drops copaiba balsam oil

Blend with water to diffuse aromatically or with your favorite carrier oil to relax and unwind after scaring the wits out of your friends and family, or after they’ve scared the wits out of you.


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated or supported by the FDA, and using these oils is at your own risk as all humans react differently to different things. All of the uses listed above are opinions and for fun only.

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