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Apricot Kids

Teach Your Kids to Cook Healthy, Real Food Without Wasting Hours on Pinterest searching for recipes!

cooking with kids

A 6 Week Online Cooking Course for Kids!

* Hands-on Weekly Skills Training

* Delicious Weekly Recipes & Kid Friendly Shopping Lists

* Easy How-To Resources for Cooking Skills, Measuring and Allergy Substitutions

* Fun & Silly activities to engage all family members

* And so much more….

Cooking + Family = Memories

Spending hours on Pinterest looking for recipes to make with the kids? You don’t have time for that! Let me do the work for you so you can get back to building memories with your kids!

Designed for children ages 5-12

Kids are more likely to share their thoughts and feelings when they are engaged in an activity . If you ask your child how their day went, they give the dreaded “fine”. But if you are doing crafts with them, they talk about their day in casual conversation.

Inviting them into the kitchen yields the same results! (pun intended!)

How it Works

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Download Shopping List & Menu

Just one Click to download the packet for the entire week

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Follow  the Recipe  

Easy to follow, detailed instructions

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Enjoy Together!

A family that eats together, grows together! Enjoy the meals with your kids

What’s Inside…


Weekly Skills Training 

From basic knife skills and baking skills, to making a Roux, and everything in between. Each week we will cover an essential kitchen skill. 

Your child will learn basic kitchen skills that will last a lifetime!

Can’t cook? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Step by step instructions along with videos and pictures for more complicated concepts are included for FREE!


Weekly Shopping List for the Littles

Knowing how to buy groceries and where to find items in the store is just as important as knowing how to use those items.

Weekly grocery lists categorized by department are simple enough for kids of all ages to understand


18 Photo Ready Family Friendly Recipes

Each week contains 3 Recipes utilizing the skills learned.

All delicious recipes use real whole foods and are Clean Eating compliant! Get a picture of your child and their masterpiece!

…And SO Much More

  • Cheat Sheet with the Top 8 Allergens and recommended substitutions
  • How to measure Wet Ingredients vs. Dry Ingredients
  • Weekly activity sheets with activities that engage your child in a fun and silly way!
  • A Certificate of Completion that you can fill out for your child after the 6 weeks. Give them the recognition they deserve for their hard work!   

Also receive these Bonus Items:

  • BONUS #1: 18 Scavenger Hunts for the kids to complete. From farmers markets and restaurants, to a day at the zoo, there is a scavenger hunt for almost any activity!
  • BONUS #2: recommended tools list for Cooking with Kids
  • Give your kids memories to last a lifetime!

So, how much is 6 weeks of fun, laughter and learning with your kids worth to you?

I just wrote a $275 check for one week of summer camp! That is $55 per day! And that is just for one child! 

With Apricot Kids, you get 6 weeks for a discounted price of just $27! That is less than $1 per day! And the price doesn’t go up for more than one child!

Now that is a DEAL!

All This for just one payment of $47 $17  

a $450 Value!

This is a new course, so we are offering it at a discount of $27 for lifetime access! But the price will eventually go up, so get in now and save$$!

​Customer stories

Brandy – Seattle, WA

We look forward to a new course every week! My favorite part is that the kids are learning while having fun. We print the weekly shopping list and go on a “treasure hunt” at the grocery store. 

Even I am learning some new skills!

Give your kids an essential life skill for just $17

With Apricot Kids, there is no subscription to manage, and no more wasted hours on Pinterest! You know your kids only eat half those recipes anyway!

The course was designed with busy moms in mind. Just one click to print the entire packet for the week. With kid friendly content, let the kids explore the pictures and videos within the course without having to preview them first.

This course works for any family. From a family with one child, to a family with 5+ children! A mom who works outside of the house, or a homeschooling mama. It works for everyone!

Get instant access to the Cooking with Kids course and start Making Memories with your Kids today!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my 5 Year Old Do This Course?

Yes, but with supervision and a lot of help. A 5 year old won’t have the ability to cut with knives or stir hot pots, but they can help you shop, measure ingredients and mix. My 5 year old loves to help his older sister with these recipes!

What if I try the course and it doesn’t work for my family? 

I am so confident that you and your children will love this course, that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. 

How much will I spend on groceries each week?

 It depends on what stores you shop at and the quality of food you are buying. We purchase organic fruits, vegetables and condiments. If we shop at Trader Joes, most weeks will average about $25. If we shop at Costco, it is considerably more but we use the remaining food throughout the week. The cost also depends on what is already in your pantry.

We have food Allergies. Are there substitutions? 

Yes! Food allergies are just a part of life these days and we must accommodate as much as we can. We are including a cheat sheet with a list of substitutions for  the top 8 Allergens. These 8 allergens are: Milk, Eggs, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Shellfish, Wheat, Soy and Sesame

Do I have to be a Mom to purchase this? 

Absolutely not! This course is designed to provide children and their adult activities to do together. The adult could be Dad, a Grandparent or even a Nanny or Teacher!

What if I don’t know how to cook? How will I help my child?

You don’t need to know how to cook! The directions were written with children in mind, so the steps are detailed and specific. We even included pictures and videos on difficult techniques as a visual guide. 

If you still have questions, contact me anytime!

Still have questions? Contact me at

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