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Born Skincare – My new favorite Skincare

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Born Skincare

Organic Ingredients for the Whole Family

My kids are finally learning how to swim which means we have been spending a lot of time in the sun this year! We live in Seattle so any time we are in the sun, we really need to slather on the sunblock (we love ThinkBaby Sunblock). One of the appeals of natural sunblock is that it sits on the skin rather than absorbing into the skin. This is great…until bathtime. There is always crying when the sunblock drips in to their eyes and they have a hard time wiping it off.

One night we really couldn’t get the sunblock off so I grabbed my Foaming face wash from Born Skincare. I had the kids close their eyes and I quickly rubbed the foam on their face. One quick rinse and the soap and sunblock were gone! I’ve been sharing the facewash with them ever since.

I have struggled with sensitive skin since I was a teenager. As I have had children and gotten older, I have additional skin issues like sun spots, wrinkles and sun damage. To add to the madness, I also have combination skin which has only complicated my search for a natural skin care.

But I’ve Never Heard of Born Skincare…

I stumbled on Born Skincare while searching for a chemical free moisturizer that would reduce the signs of aging and skin damage. There are other organic products options but they cost well over $150 per product, which is way over my budget!

When I decided to try Born Skincare, I had a difficult time figuring out how to use the products. In the end, I found that I needed to include all of them in my routine to get the best results. This is how I use it:


  • Pure – Foaming Cleanser
  • Glow – Facial Serum
  • Essence – Facial Moisturizer


  • Pure – Foaming Cleanser
  • The Source for Sensitive Skin

It may sound like over kill, but you do need to use all these products to see the greatest impact. I have seen a dramatic change in the skin on my face and especially my neck. Therefore, it is worth the money.

Let’s Look At Each Product

Foaming Face Wash – The foaming property of this facewash takes a little getting used to. The product is light and airy so when it is rubbed on the skin, it feels like it is absorbing in to the skin. When I first started using it, I kept adding more and more to my face. I didn’t know if it was actually working. But once I rinsed it off, all of my makeup was gone and I didn’t have those mascara marks at the bottom of my eyes! Now that I am used to it, I only use 1-2 pumps at a time. The bottle lasts about 2 months.

Glow – Facial Serum – This stuff is magic and it is pricey! However I ran out of this product and went a few weeks without using it. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. So I purchased another bottle right away. It is very liquidy so it is easy to apply. It is smooth on the skin and absorbs quickly. My only complaint is in the pump. If I’m not paying attention, the liquid will fly out and hit the wall behind me. At this price, I don’t want to waste a single drop!

Essence Facial Moisturizer – The key to preventing and reversing aging skin is a good moisturizer. Dry skin only emphasizes wrinkles and sun damage. Once you get used to the strange, unscented odor, this moisturizer is great! It goes on easily but it does take a little longer to absorb into the skin. I usually give it about 5 minutes to absorb before applying my makeup.

The Source for Sensitive Skin – This is made of 100% grapeseed oil. I was actually nervous to put this on my face at first. My skin is so sensitive that I was sure I would wake up with pimples everywhere. Instead, my skin looked awesome in the morning! Just after a few days, the lines on my forehead were less pronounced and my skin just glowed. This has never happened for me in the past.

More Reasons to Try Born Skincare:

Each ingredient in the Born Skincare line is Organic  and every product is free of the toxins we try to avoid in cosmetics. They also have a zero rating on Think Dirty!

The Born Skincare line is such a great product and i’m surprised that it isn’t advertised more. If you do decide to try it, search online for a promo code. I was able to find one for 25% off.  You can also try Amazon. The products aren’t cheap but they are worth it!

Give it a try and come back to let me know how you like it!


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