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Crowd Cow Review – Grass Fed Beef at an Affordable Price. Find out how!

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Crowd Cow – What the heck is that? Crowd Cow Review

COWabunga! I’m a crowd cow steak holder! A few years ago, I wanted to buy a half a cow to store in the freezer. It was a more economical way to buy grass fed beef and I loved the idea of supporting a local farmer directly. But then I saw the price! It was going to cost between $500-$700 for half a cow depending on the farm. When you break it down per pound, it was still a good deal for grass fed beef. I just didn’t want to pay that much up front.

That’s when I heard about Crowd Cow. They take one cow from a specific farm and sell the different cuts of beef. Once the entire cow sells, they harvest the beef and send you your share. It ships in a cooler with dry ice so you don’t need to be home when it is delivered. Because they are waiting for the entire cow to sell, it can take over a week for the beef to ship. But it is worth the wait.

Try it here: https://www.crowdcow.com/l/ucfrhggrd

Cow Shares

I purchase a prepackaged meat share and add on soup bones. The soup bones can be placed in a slow cooker with water, onions and carrots to make delicious bone broth! The bone broth is very fatty because of the marrow and I use it in different recipes. My husband likes to drink a little right out of the slow cooker.

Crowd Cow Review Chuch Shoulder

The steaks come in individually wrapped and sealed packages. The last share that I purchased was from Step-by-Step farms in Washington. Each farm is different, so if you are concerned about whether the beef is grass fed vs grass finished, or how humanely the farm treats their cows, research the specific company before purchasing.

Is it a good value?

The last share I purchased was about $65 for a preselected share. The individual cuts are around $15-30 depending on which you choose. We eat beef about once a week so these last us a while. The only problem is that our family has gotten used to the taste of grass fed beef so they can tell the difference when we eat a store bought cut. It’s not bad, it just has a little less flavor. Some people think grass fed beef tastes gamey, but there are so many health benefits to grass fed beef that it’s worth getting used to the flavor.

I have been using Crowd Cow for a few years now and I have never seen a promo code or promotion. Therefore, it is always a good time to buy!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! http://www.crowdcow.com

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