The Munchie Plan – Meal Plan For Busy Moms!

What they didn’t tell you is how exhausting and time consuming

cooking healthy can be!

I see you, busy Mom!

In order to get a moment of quiet, you woke up an hour before the kids. You sipped on your coffee as you thought about what to make for breakfast.

Before you knew it, you were yelling at the kids for the 200th time to put on their shoes as you grabbed ALL the things and ran out the door. 

10 hours later, you were picking up the kids, running to extracurricular activities then racing home to do homework and get dinner on the table.

You’re completely exhausted from the day and you still can’t relax yet…(ugh!)

Because you still need to make dinner!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Here’s how it works:

1) Download the Weekly Packet

Everything you need for meal prep delivered straight to your inbox!

2) Grocery Shop

Save money buying only what you need and have delicious meals all week long!

3) Basic Prep on the Weekend

Prep only the basics so you can get on with your week!

4) Prepare Dinner and Enjoy!

Have dinner ready in no time so you can sit down to eat as a family!

You need to have a dinner plan, and it needs to be realistic, attainable and exciting!

Meal planning has been an important part of my life for over 4 years now. Once I realized how much more time I had with my family, I was sold. 

Since meal planning, I:

  • Got my lunch breaks back – I now use the hour for eating and not frantically searching Pinterest for dinner ideas 
  • Play with my kids each night – I can prep dinner in about 15-30 minutes, giving me extra time to hang out with the kids. 
  • Have an extra 5 hours of “me” time – I listen to my favorite playlists and podcasts on my commute rather than worrying about whether I need to stop at the store. 


  • 4 Clean Eating Dinner recipes and step-by-step prep instructions for the week
  • An inspired breakfast and lunch recipe each week
  • Weekly pdf document with everything you need. Print it and get on with your day
  • Organized shopping list to quickly get you in and out of the grocery store
  • Meal prep tips and tricks to save you time and money! 


The average family will throw away thousands of $$ in spoiled food each year. 

Just imagine what you could do with that money! Vacations, shopping sprees, college funds! 

Having a shopping list and sticking to it will easily save you more than the monthly cost of membership! 

And the results were shocking!

  • I spent 180 minutes that week, searching online for dinner ideas
  • HOURS grocery shopping – 2 trips to the store
  • 60 minutes defrosting frozen meat
  • 30 minutes writing shopping lists
  • And over 4 hours cooking dinner

TOTAL: 11.5 Hours 

The next week I timed myself

  • I spent 60 minutes that week, putting my menu together
  •  1 hour grocery shopping – just 1 trip to the store
  • 0 minutes defrosting meat because I took it out the night before
  • 45 minutes of prep time on Sunday
  • And 2.75 hours cooking dinner

Total: 5.5 Hours

That’s a savings of 6 Hours…

And this was just Monday-Friday!

Now it’s your turn. And I will do the meal planning for you so all you need to do is get the list, grocery shop, prep and cook… 

Instance 1


Weekly Menus, Shopping Lists, Recipes and More!




  • Kid Friendly Clean Eating Recipes
  • No-Waste Shopping List Each Week
  • Meal Plan Companion Guide With Prep Guide and “How To Leftover” Guide
  • Save $10 Off Your First Month
  • Gain Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group To Share Ideas, Ask Questions And Post Your Creations!

Everything monthly members get but at an amazing discount!




That’s a discount of 25% or $60.88! Like getting 3 months free!

  • Kid Friendly Clean Eating Recipes
  • No-Waste Shopping List Each Week
  • Meal Plan Companion Guide With Prep Guide and “How To Leftover” Guide
  • Gain Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group To Share Ideas, Ask Questions And Post Your Creations!
  • Bonus: Family Friendly Smoothie Recipes Ebook

Annual Members get 25% off…

It’s like getting 3 months FREE!

A $15 value, FREE for annual members! 

15 Clean eating smoothie recipes so you never have to worry about getting bored!

A $7 Value, Yours FREE If You Sign Up Before July 1st!

4 Fun and EASY recipes that kids can make themselves! 

* Step-by-step photo instructions

* Each recipe is 6 ingredients or less

* Less than 15 minutes to make each recipe

*Perfect weekend activity!

“I love that these are real recipes using real ingredients!

Too many children are being fed too much processed, unhealthy and junk foods! I feel children should be eating better quality food than us as they are growing…” 

– Christina

So how does this work? What will happen once I check out?

Immediately after checking out, you will receive two welcome emails. The first email will include a link to our exclusive members-only Facebook Group along with any applicable bonuses! 

The second email will contain the Meal Plan Companion Guide with meal prep tips, tricks and leftover ideas.  

Once you join the Facebook group, you will be able to download the recipe packet for that week. Just one document will have everything you need- shopping list, prep tips and recipes!

Each Thursday, the packet for the following week will be uploaded to the Facebook Group! But don’t worry, I’ll send you a reminder email too. 

My family has food allergies. Can I adjust the recipes? 

Absolutely! Every recipe can be customized to accommodate allergies. Just substitute the known allergen with something your family can eat. 

Need ideas? Post your question in our members-only Facebook group and we will give you some amazing ideas! 

Note: As a general rule, most recipes will be dairy free. Cheeses, milk and yogurt can all be substituted with dairy free versions. 

Be honest, are these recipes actually kid-friendly?

Yes! I am so tired of meal plans and recipes that claim to be kid friendly, but yet I end up making a separate dinner for the kids. These recipes have all been tested by my own kids. They are a little more adventurous than some kids, but they are still picky. 

That said, we need to introduce all kinds of foods to our kids – not just the ones they love. So I do aim for one recipe a week that pushes the kids outside of their comfort zone and I pair it with something that I know they will love. 

Need an example? Roasted cauliflower soup with pulled pork sandwiches. 

How much prep work will I need to do on the weekend? I don’t have hours?

Prepping is an important part of meal planning, Not only does it let you see what you have on hand, but it saves you time! 

However, not everything needs to be prepped. For example, potatoes will not get crispy in the oven if they are not fresh. Therefore, we should chop those right before cooking. 

You can plan to spend about an hour prepping on the weekend. It will depend on your knife skills!

Do I have to have a Facebook account to access the weekly menus?

The weekly packets will be delivered via Facebook, so you do need to have a Facebook account. 

If you don’t already have one, they are very easy to set up! Just send an email to and I will forward you a tutorial. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, but you won’t want to! Once you see how much free time you have (physically and mentally!) there is no going back! 

But yes, you can cancel at anytime by sending an email to I just ask that you do it 6 days before your membership renews. When you cancel your membership, you will also be removed from the Facebook group. 

Hey there, I know what it’s like to be in the thick of it. Searching for healthy recipes while shuttling your family around town just doesn’t work for you, but you KNOW that your family needs to stay healthy.

Now you can have it all. Go ahead and enjoy those extracurricular activities with your family (they are only young once!) while knowing that dinner is waiting for you at home. I am so excited to share this meal plan with you and I can’t wait to hear how it changes your life!


Hey, I’m Kim! Like you, I am a working mom who is just, busy. I am in charge of feeding 2 young kids, a dog, 2 cats, a rabbit and my husband! Needless to say (again), I am busy!! 

I’m tired of recipes that promise to be kid friendly but fall short. So I created a meal plan that will satisfy everyone in the family and make it easier on mom. 

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