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DIY Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

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Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

This is the time of year when I reluctantly start to accept that summer is ending and I do my best to embrace the cold. I finally surrender to the scents and flavors of fall. Before I was aware of the chemicals in mainstream products, I had pumpkin scented candles and lotions throughout the house.

I discovered essential oils while trying to find a natural remedy for my daughters asthma attacks. While the Pumpkin Spice blend has nothing to do with asthma relief, it is a wonderful smell this time of year. And I love that it is chemical free and safe for the family. As an added benefit, several of these oils strengthen the immune system and improve your mood. Just what we need this time of year!

There are several ways to make a pumpkin spice blend, but this is the one I love! Once you try it, remember to come back and let me know what you think! You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @Naturaldeets

Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend:

  • Ginger Essential Oil: 3 drops
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil: 3 drops
  • Clove Essential Oil: 2 drops
  • Vanilla Essential Oil: 1 drop
  • Orange Essential Oil: 1 drop

Pour distilled water in to your diffuser and add the oil combination above. These are my favorite diffusers:

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