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Over 75 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That are all dairy free

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There’s no arguing that turkey and ham are the center of Thanksgiving, but the side dishes are really what everyone is looking forward to eating! These Thanksgiving side dishes are just what you are looking for!

From mashed potatoes to air fryer recipes, this post has a little bit of everything! All the side dishes in this post are dairy free recipes which is amazing for your friends and family that are dairy intolerant.

For many people that eat non dairy recipes, the holidays can be a source of stress simply because they are concerned about what they are going to eat at parties. Having dairy free recipes will make them feel welcome and allow them to relax and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

If you haven’t started defrosting your turkey yet, or if you are just going to have a small gathering, consider Roasted Turkey Legs to go along with these side dishes!

Three photos. One of back wrapped brussel sprouts, one of smashed potatoes and one with vegan mac and cheese

Soup as a Starter

Do you enjoy a good Thanksgiving soup? If you are having a sit down Thanksgiving dinner or just enjoy serving soup, this section is for you! Here are some delicious dairy free soup recipes to get your feast started!


Potato dishes are one of my favorites at Thanksgiving! These dairy free potato recipes will make the perfect addition to your menu.

Sweet Potatoes

We all grew up on sweet potato casseroles! Here are some new and traditional takes on the superfood sweet potato!

Green Beans

Green bean recipes are always a favorite and these dairy free green bean recipes are no exception! Which one will you try?

Thanksgiving Stuffing and Dressing Recipes

Stuffing recipes are my absolute favorite part of Thankgiving dinner! Here are some dairy free stuffing recipes to add to your Thanksgiving menu!

Corn Casserole

Alongside stuffing, we always have corn casserole on the Thanksgiving menu! There are a few delicious corn casserole recipes that you have to try!

Squash Recipes

Breads and Rolls

Bread and Rolls are a staple on the Thanksgiving table. I love making sandwiches with the leftover the next day! Here are a few dairy free bread recipes you can try this year.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is never the star of the show, but you'll definitely notice when it is missing! Try one of these delicious cranberry sauce recipes this year.

Brussel Sprouts

There are so many brussel sprout recipes that I had to give it its own section! These delicious brussel sprout recipes will be an amazing addition to your dinner table.

Vegetable Side Dishes

With all the fancy Thanksgiving side dishes, it's always a great idea to have some vegetable side dishes. These are usually safe for all diets and allergies and make a beautiful addition to the table!

Other Sides

These Thanksgiving side dishes don't fit in the categories above but they needed to be included because these are some amazing and popular Thanksgiving dishes! Be sure to add a few to your menu!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thanksgiving Side Dishes

What are the two most popular Thanksgiving side dishes?

I did an unofficial poll from a bunch of foodies on what their favorite side dishes were and the top two were mashed potatoes (by a long shot) and stuffing. No surprise there!

How many side dishes should you have for Thanksgiving?

I like to have at least 3 side dishes (mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.) and two vegetable dishes. We usually have more than that but that would be the minimum for a crowd. Don’t forget dessert too.

What can I do with Thanksgiving leftovers?

There is so much you can do with the leftovers! First, be sure to send your guests home with a big plate. Then use the rest to make sandwiches the next few days, or have Thanksgiving dinner for several nights. I like to put most of it in to smaller serving sizes and freeze them. One night when you don’t want to cook, just pull it out, defrost it and dinner is ready!

Some Dessert Recipes You Might Enjoy on Thanksgiving:

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