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Christmas Essential Oil Blend

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Christmas is finally here! I enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I really love Christmas! Everyone is happier, the cold weather seems to make sense and I love the scent of cinnamon and pine trees. So it only seems appropriate that I share a couple of my favorite Christmas Essential Oil Blends.

Essential oils are great for setting the ambiance in your home, but they also have some health benefits. These benefits include relaxation and fighting cold and flu germs. Both of which are especially important this time of year since we focus on gatherings with friends and family. I hope you and your family loves these blends as much as we do!

Notes: These blends are to be diffused and not used topically. If you are in the market for a diffuser, check out our favorite diffuser here: Organic Aromas Radiance Diffuser

O, Christmas Tree Blend

This is the only blend you  will need for the entire month of December! It will fill your home with the inviting scent of evergreen trees and loving warmth. Pine and juniper oils are very common scents throughout the winter since they remind us of beautiful Christmas trees and childhood memories. The familiarity and warmth of the scents are relaxing and soothing during the stressful shopping times. Vetiver is a sweeter scent that helps with restful sleep, staying calm and improving focus. Allspice lends its warm and spicy scent to melt away any remaining stress so you can enjoy the holiday!

8 drops pine oil

4 drops juniper oil

4 drops vetiver oil

6 drops allspice oil

Add to a diffuser and blend with distilled water.

Winter Wonderland Blend

This Winter Wonderland blend is perfect during the winter months. Orange and vanilla blend together to create a delicious blend that also helps with mental clarity and happiness. Spearmint essential oil acts as an air purifier and also helps to reduce stress. Anise oil has a warm and aroma which has been said to increase your appetite, making it one to diffuse before and during meals as well. Though honestly, I don’t like to diffuse oils while we eat. It can interfere with the taste of the food!

8 drops sweet orange oil

6 drops vanilla

4 drops spearmint oil

2 drops anise oil

Add to a diffuser and blend with distilled water.


Give these a try and let me know what you think! I hope you love them as much as I do. Do you have a favorite blend? I would love to hear about it so I can add it to my rotation!


Disclaimer…because lawyers ;): These oil blends are all for aromatherapy use with a diffuser only. DO NOT INGEST, OR APPLY TOPICALLY WITHOUT HEAVY DILUTION, AS MOST OF THESE OILS ARE VERY STRONG AND CAN CAUSE SKIN IRRITATION. These uses are just suggestions, and are not endorsed nor evaluated by the FDA.
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