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Your Gift Guide For the Farmhouse Kitchen!

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You know those people who start celebrating Christmas as soon as the Halloween costumes are put away? Yeah, that’s me…and sorry, not sorry! That is why I can not wait to share this Farmhouse Kitchen Gift Guide with you!

a pinterest pin with 4 pictures of kitchen gifts that are listed in teh post

The red cups are out and Christmas decorations are going up, so start shopping for gifts now! If you spread it out over 2 months, your wallet will thank you! 

I love Joanna Gains as much as the next person, so of course I had to share some farmhouse kitchen gift ideas! These are perfect for anyone from moms to newlyweds! 

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Put this in the practical category. But just look at how cute this is! And right now Mason jars are having their moment. You can find them everywhere, from spas to the local brewery. Why not have one at home?

A Mason jar with a black soap dispenser top

Why They Will Love This:

Look at how cute this is! They will love it because it is adorable and versatile. It could be used in the kitchen, next to the sink,  in the bathroom or in a washroom. Pull it out at a kids birthday party and put it next to the outdoor hose! 

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

What says Farmhouse more than a beautiful enamled cast iron pot on the stove? And the colorful, cheery cast iron pots from Le Creuset look stunning against white cabinets.  

Why They Will Love This:

Le Creuset is known for their quality. These are heirloom pieces that are meant to be passed down through generations. Le Creuset is one of few cast iron brands that do not use lead or cadimum in areas where the food touched the pot. 

a picture of a red le creuset dutch oven

Farmhouse Utensil Crock

This is another one that would just look so cute! The metal rim makes it different than other crocks on the market and it is big enough to hold up to 8 utensils comfortably. Yet, it is still small enough for compact kitchens. 

a picture of a white canister that says Utensils on it. It is meant to hold cooking utensils on your counter

Why They WIll Love It:

Who doesn’t have an overflow of utensils in their drawers? Give them a place to store their most used mixing spoons and save them the headache of digging around in the drawer.

Digital Instant Read Thermometer Magnetic

This Digital Instant Read Theremometer is the tool you didn’t know you needed. It is perfect for someone who loves to BBQ or just likes to cook. It has a magnet on the back so it is always accessible in a pinch! 

Why They Will Like This: 

Anyone who cooks with a thermometer knows how easily they get lost! Having this thermometer on the refrigerator makes it easily accessible and also results in some great dishes. Like I said, this is the tool they don’t know they need!

a picture of a red digital thermometer

Wusthof Santoku KNife and Parer

Kitchen knives are the best gifts for foodies. Everyone could use a knife, and foodies can appreciate a good one. Wusthof is a known brand among chefs and is known for it’s quality and sharp edges! 

a santoku knife and a parer knife from wusthof

Why They Will Like This:

Everyone who tries a Wusthof knife will love them. Even better yet, anyone who uses a Santoku knife for the first time will also love it! I actually prefer my Santoku knife over a chef knife and I know anyone who tries it will also love how it is easier to rock and chop! 

“This Is Our Happy Place” Wooden Sign

Wooden signs are everywhere these days. There are so many options, that finding a good quality sign has become important. This beautiful sign will add a vintage feel to any kitchen. Perfect for that farmhouse feeling!

Why They Will Love This:

This thoughtful phrase is going to resonate with moms and newlyweds everywhere! It will be a beautiful reminder of your love everytime they look at it!

a wooden sign that says this is our happy place on a white background

Vitamix Counter Height Blender

There are only two items in the kitchen that I would replace if broken. And the Vitamix is one of them! This particular model has a short canister which allows it to fit under the counter which is amazing!! 

vitamix blender

Why They Will Like This:

From smoothies, to soup and ice cream. The Vitamix can do everything! And now the prices have come down making them an affordable option for many! They will be able to use this for all of their culinary creations. 

Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Like I mentioned above, Mason Jars are everywhere these days. These beautiful turqouise measuring cups are the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen! They match the farmhouse decor perfectly! 

Why They Would Like This: 

These are beautiful and the light blue color adds a touch of happiness to any kitchen! These adorable measuring cups will quickly become a go-to for any baking recipe.  

a picture of a light blue measuring cups that are stacked on eachother

Instant Pot 

Of course an Instant pot needed to be on this list…what farmhouse kitchen gift guide would be complete without one?! Now days there are so many Instant pot choices that there is something for everyone! But don’t let it confuse you. The biggest differences between the instant pots are the sizes and the digital display. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

a picture of an instant pot

Why They Will Like This:

An Instant pot can do almost anything in the kitchen! It is a pressure cooker and slow cooker in one. But it can also make yogurt, hard boiled eggs, roast a chicken and is great for canning! 

Some Shopping Tips To Save Money on Gifts

If you love a good bargin, you are my soul sister! I love searching for the best deals and I get a rush of adrenaline when I get a great deal. So here are just a few tips to help you save some moolah! 

Instant pot – The last few years, these have been deeply discounted on Black Friday, but they sell out fast. So be ready to snatch one!

Vitamix – These blenders have really dropped in price as their popularity grew. If you really want a good deal, check out their refurbished models. You can get a higher end model for about the same as a new lower end version. I have had a refurbished one for about 8 years and it is still going strong! 

The other items are just going to depend on supply and demand. If the price looks good to you, just go ahead and get it. Knowing that you have one person checked off your list is worth the $2 you would save from shopping around! 

Happy Shopping! 

Need more ideas? Here is a gift guide from last year. All items are timeless and still relevant!

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