Halloween Essential Oil Blends – For Spooks and Fun

by NaturalDeets
Halloween Essential oils


Halloween is the start of the holiday season and the perfect time to pull out those essential oils that rarely get their time in the spotlight! But really, what better time of year to experiment with Essential oils than Halloween? It’s dark, cold and everyone is looking to be spooked. Skip the store bought, chemical scented candles and potpourri and instead, try essential oils. The blends below will set the atmosphere and get your guests in the right frame of mind!

I’m sharing two Halloween essential oil blends. Use these recipes as-is, or use them as a guide to experiment with your own blends. I’d love to hear of your favorite Halloween blends too!

You can learn more about the oils in the recipes below, here: 7 Essential oils to Spookify your Halloween

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!! Let me know how it goes!


10 drops frankincense oil
8 drops myrrh oil
7 drops benzoin oil
4 drops anise oil

Blend with water to diffuse aromatically or with your favorite carrier oil to heighten the senses and get in touch with your spiritual side.



8 drops spikenard oil
12 drops neroli oil
7 drops copaiba balsam oil

Blend with water to diffuse aromatically or with your favorite carrier oil to relax and unwind after scaring the wits out of your friends and family, or after they’ve scared the wits out of you.


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated or supported by the FDA, and using these oils is at your own risk as all humans react differently to different things. All of the uses listed above are opinions and for fun only.

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