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Pumpkin Pie Spice

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Pull up a blanket and slip on your cozy socks. It’s pumpkin spice season! The second there is a chill in the air, pumpkin spice is everywhere you turn and I’m not complaining. Learn how to make your own pumpkin pie spice seasoning in under 5 minutes using just 4 ingredients!

side view of a wooden spoon with a scoop of pumpkin pie spice

Once you see how fast and easy it is to make your own pumpkin pie spice, you won’t go back to pre-mixed store spices. Use this blend in your morning coffee, or add it to baked goods like muffins and pancakes. Use my Pumpkin Puree recipe to make these dishes even more amazing!

It is also great on steak with some salt and pepper. Try it on everything – It will become one of your favorite fall spices!

What Can You Make With Pumpkin Pie Spice?

Pumpkin Pie Spice can be used in so many dishes. Once you start experimenting, you will be surprised to find that it goes with both sweet and savory dishes. Here are just a few ideas:

  • The obvious – pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake…pumpkin anything!
  • Try my favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe
  • Use it to season steak. Add a little cayenne too!
  • Add it to your coffee grounds. When you brew your coffee, it will have a subtle pumpkin spice flavor
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Sprinkle it on yogurt or oatmeal – Try my favorite pumpkin oatmeal recipe!
  • Apple muffins, or any baked apple dish

What Is In Pumpkin Pie Spice

This pumpkin pie spice is made of just 4 ingredients and it takes less than 5 minutes to put it all together! I think this recipe is great the way it is, but feel free to make your own changes!

  • Ground Cinnamon – Cinnamon is the base spice in this spice mix. It is the most prevalent flavor and fresh cinnamon will make a big difference. This recipe is simple, so use what you have on hand!
  • Ground Ginger – Ground ginger adds a nice warm, light spice to the mix that you can’t miss.
  • Nutmeg – This is one of those spices that doesn’t seem to add much flavor on it’s own, but when coupled with the cinnamon and ginger it adds another flavor dimension!
  • Ground Cloves – Cloves have a strong and distinct flavor. It is possible to add too much cloves, so stick to the recipe as much as possible. If you don’t have cloves on hand, there are a few clove substitutes, like All Spice.
a side view of pumpkin spices in a wooden bowl being poured into a glass jar

Here are 15 delicious pumpkin spice recipes that you can make with this pumpkin pie spice blend!

How To Make Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice

This recipe is so easy to make that it can barely be called a recipe! Add all your spices to a small container and shake it up! I like to double the recipe around the holidays since it can be sprinkled on anything and everything.

If you really want to make sure the spices are evenly mixed, add all the spices to a small bowl and use a small whisk to evenly incorporate them.

Store the spice blend in an airtight container.

Get creative with this spice. When you make your own spice blend, you can adjust it to suit your needs! Here are a few ways to dress up this base recipe:

  • Add some cayenne to it for a little kick. This is delicious in your drinks on really cold nights, or when using it as a steak seasoning
  • Add more cinnamon to the blend for a warmer, more kid friendly flavor
  • More ginger will add a light, natural spice flavor
  • Add some anise if you are going for a rich, spicy flavor. Anise has a licorice flavor and would pair well with some black pepper too.
  • Add a pinch of coffee grounds when baking. It adds a extra warmth to fall baking recipes and gives it that flavor that you just can’t quite put your finger on!
  • Add cardamom. Cardamom typically pairs well with ginger and turmeric (to give you an idea of the flavor). But a pinch would also be delicious in this spice mix.

How Long Does Pumpkin Pie Spice Last?

This spice blend will last up to 1 year. It will still be good after 1 year but the flavors won’t be as strong and you may need to use more to get the same flavor.

You can also freshen up the mix by grinding it in a mortar and pestle. Grinding it releases the oils and freshens the flavor! It also creates a finer texture which is perfect for sprinkling over warm drinks and yogurt!

top view of a glass jar with pumpkin spice in it

Does Pumpkin Pie Spice Make a Good Gift?

It sure does! If giving as a gift, I would triple the recipe. Pour it in to a cute glass jar (a Mason jar would work) and decorate it with cinnamon sticks and a small wooden spoon. Add a cute ribbon and it’s ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pumpkin Pie Spice

Can I use fresh nutmeg?

You sure can! I love fresh nutmeg but I don’t use it up fast enough. If you have fresh nutmeg on hand, please use it. Fresh spices always add an extra punch to any dish!

What can be used instead of pumpkin pie spice?

Pumpkin pie spice can be found in the spice section at your supermarket. It is a mix of fall spices very similar to this recipe. The benefit to making your own is that you can tweak it to match your needs. All premixed pumpkin pie spices taste different depending on the brand and they can be expensive!

Why is it called pumpkin spice?

It is called pumpkin spice because these are primary spices used in pumpkin recipes. Although it is used in pumpkin pie, it also pairs well with almost any pumpkin or apple dish. There is no pumpkin in the blend, but it does pair perfectly with pumpkin.

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side view of a wooden spoon with a scoop of pumpkin pie spice

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Yield: N/A
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Learn how to make your own pumpkin pie spice seasoning in under 5 minutes using just 4 ingredients!


  • 1 1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon, ground
  • 2 teaspoons Ginger, ground
  • 1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg, ground
  • Pinch of Cloves, ground


  1. In a small bowl, mix the ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg and ground cloves.
  2. Use a whisk to mix well
  3. Pour into an airtght container and store in a dark location

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