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How to Cut a Watermelon into Triangles

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I enjoy cutting and eating (mostly eating) cantaloupe, honeydew and other fruits. But do you know what I despise? Cutting watermelons!

It’s not that it is difficult, it’s just that it is juicy and it drips everywhere! So I only buy it for picnics where I can cut it outside…however, it seems my husband didn’t get the message.

kids holding a watermelon

Last week my husband brought home a Humongous. Costco. Watermelon.  It has been sitting on the counter staring at me ever since…

Every time the kids walked into the kitchen they would ask when we were going to cut the ripe watermelon. Well my friends, it was finally time that I taught them how to cut it themselves.

Pin with pictures of watermelon

Before we get started, just know that this is a task they will likely need help with. My daughter had a hard time getting the knife through the entire watermelon. But she was able to take it from there.

Find a Cutting Board with Grooves

First off, if you don’t already have one, look into finding a cutting board with grooves, like THIS ONE. Not only is it helpful for catching watermelon juice, but it’s also perfect when cutting meat!

In this case, we used it to keep the watermelon juice from dripping off the cutting board! You don’t know you need it until you have it!

What is the Best Knife to Cut Watermelons?

The first question my kids asked is “Which knife do I use?” Well, the best knife for adults is a big, heavy and long chef knife.

But that is not the best option for kids. Santoku knives are my favorite for kids, but younger kids could also use a smaller chef knife like this Opinel Chef Knife for Kids.

This is why they will need help from an adult for the first few cuts…because their knife won’t be long enough to cut all the way through. They may also need help cutting through the rind.

No matter what you chose, make sure you have a sharp knife.

How to Cut Up A Watermelon – Kid Friendly Version

Ok let’s get to it!

First, place the watermelon on a cutting board. Cut the Watermelon in half, vertically. This will make the watermelon easier to handle.

kid cutting watermelon with knife

Take one half off of the cutting board, and set it aside, for now.

Next, we are going to cut the watermelon in half again. One option is to put the cut side down and cut it in half. However, I prefer to have the cut side up because it can be difficult to cut through the rind.

If you have the cut side up, you can break the rind by pulling it apart, once you reach the bottom (if you can’t cut through it).

cutting a watermelon

Depending on the size and shape of your watermelon, you can cut each piece in half again, or just start cutting triangles.

To cut the triangles, place one of the cut end down on the cutting board. This will keep it from sliding away. Then make 1 inch cuts until the entire slice is cut up.

cut watermelon on a cutting board

That’s all there is to it! Now you have delicious watermelon slices!

Side note: Look at all that watermelon juice on the cutting board…that is why the grooves on the cutting board are so awesome!

sliced watermelon on cutting board

Just imagine eating this in the summer! It’s only June here and the weather hit 80° so I can only imagine this will be a watermelon kind of summer!

Just playing around…

Here we are just playing around in a short Instagram Video 🙂 and enjoying the watermelon! Ignore the whiny cat in the background!

Watermelon Recipes

We are working on bringing you several watermelon recipes! We froze half a watermelon to make smoothies, which we will share soon!

For now, check out these other kid friendly recipes that you can make together!

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  1. Yes! My husband will also go out and buy a watermelon and this lady has to cut it. Boo. I love to eat it, but what a mess. The grooves definitely help though. Thanks for the cutting tips 🙂

  2. Great tips for cutting watermelon during the hot summer months, it’s always such a great treat!

  3. I appreciated the step by step process and the thought behind each one. Besides, your kids are adorable, just sayin’. I think Santoku knives are just the best for about everything, so light and easy to handle. And I always used the non-grooved side of my cutting board, and now I know a good use for the other side. Thanks for the tips.


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