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10 Healthy Recipes To Make Your Halloween Party The Best One Yet!

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halloween party foof for kids

Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner again?? Where does the time go??

Halloween snuck up on me last year, so I promised the kids that this year we would have a Halloween party. It will probably be a small one but that doesn’t matter! It can still be fun.

In my search for the Kid Friendly (and healthy) Halloween recipes, I have come accross many gems that I wanted to share! We are all in this together…and I just know the kids will have some kind of party at school that will require a party snack.

Chocolate Cashew Cookies

These delicious cashew cookies are topped with a lightly sweetened chocolate frosting! It is the perfect base for any Halloween decorations! Try it today!

picture of the finished cookie and a kid holding it

Get the recipe HERE

Mini Carrot Mummies

How cute are these?? Those tiny little eyes are made from red pepper flakes, so you would want to warn the kids! But it could also make a fun challenge to see if they could handle it…you know how kids are with challenges!

Mini carrot Mummies

I love the thin bread strips too. It looks so delicate and delicious!

For the recipe, Click Here

Fruit Bat Skewers

I love the simplicity of these. Depending on the ages of the kids at the party you could create a station for these. Put the premade skewers in a spooky cup holder next to a platter of fruits. Then let the kids make their own!

What a fun party idea!

For the recipe, Click Here

Mummy Hot Dogs

We already covered cute carrot mummys, bow we need an dinner sized Mummy hot dog! The kids just love these!

picture of mummy hot dogs

Look for affordable grass fed hot dogs at Costco!

for the Recipe, Click Here

Healthy Gummy Leeches and Worms

These are really creepy…how do I know? I showed it to my daughter, who is excited about Halloween, and she asked me to make them into hearts instead. Ha! Well, it would fit in perfectly at a Halloween party then!

Looks fun, right?

For the recipe, Click Here

Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins

So, I had to add these because they look awesome! However, once I read the ingredients, i’m fairly certain this one will be for the adults. They have wild rice, feta and a bunch of other ingredients that sound delicious! But I already know my kids won’t eat it!

jack o lanters stuffed with rice

Isn’t it awesome??

For the recipe, Click Here

Meringue Ghosts

Why have we not thought of this? Meringue can be intimidating, but don’t let that stop you. It is easier to work with than you think. The trick is to make sure that you don’t get any egg yolks in your whites. That will keep the meringue from rising. Other than that, you got this!

picture of ghost made out of meringue

Adorable! The kids would love this one, for sure!

For the recipe, Click Here

Halloween Ghost Vanilla Donuts

I mean…as soon as I saw a healthy donut, I knew I had to add it to the list. This one uses whole wheat flour and maple syrup. It is also baked, which makes it 10x easier than a traiditonal donut!

picture of donuts turned into ghosts

I just know the kids will love these!

For the recipe, Click Here

Spider Deviled Eggs

Another cute one! I think most people like deviled eggs, so this would be a crowd pleaser. Especially because the olive garnishes would taste delicious too!

Imagine how excited the kids would be to see this one!

For the recipe, Click Here

Monster Apple Bites

These are so adorable. I could see making these for a class party…if you had the time! Or actually, it could be a fun class activity any time of year!

Isn’t it fun??

For the recipe, Click Here

Halloween Party Food For Kids

This list is a great place to start! These are all fairly easy and can be made in advance (very important!). Let me know if you give them a try or have any ideas to add to the list!

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